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7 Essential Steps to Selling Success For Your Phoenix Home

Knowing and using these 7 essential, yet simple steps is crucial to achieving the best deal possible, whether you decide to sell your Phoenix home yourself or hire a professional Realtor to help you.

Take a look at the 7-step system outlined in this report. If this new approach to marketing your home makes sense and you want to learn more, we’ll show you how to apply each of these critical steps to get your home sold for the most money in the shortest amount of time!

7 crucial steps you must take to get top dollar for your Phoenix home in today’s technically savvy world!

1. Understanding the “Total Market” concept of positioning your home to attract the greatest number of buyers.

2. Using the “Total Market” concept to accurately appraise the value of your home. The standard CMA is not enough.

3. Pricing your home to appear lower than market value, yet actually asking for more than market value. This crucial step will get buyers and agents flocking to your door!

4. Properly advertise and market your home using new technology. Don’t use the same boring ads that everyone else uses and nobody looks at.

5. “Detailing” your Phoenix home for sale. Your goal is to set your home apart from every other home on the market, instantly attracting buyers to your home.

6. Learn how to qualify buyers and negotiate offers. Since your money is on the line, the risks of not knowing how to properly qualify and negotiate are too great to ignore or leave to chance.

7. Understanding and helping the buyer obtain financing, remove contingencies, and close the sale. You need a strategy to avoid and eliminate potential problems in escrow, which can undermine your sale.

The better you understand and systematically apply these 7 steps, the better your result will be. This means more money faster with the least amount of hassle. Isn’t that what you ultimately want, whether you decide to sell your home yourself or use the professional services of a Realtor to help you?

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