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North Phoenix Home Sellers Overview


How is the market today for North Phoenix Real Estate Home Sellers?

Right now we are in the situation of having tight inventory. Mortgage rates are low, buyers are looking, and sellers are not selling, mostly because they will not see much if any return on their investment, or they are simply waiting for the market to improve.

North Phoenix Norterra Pointe Home sellers who are pricing their property correctly are seeing multiple offer situations and often the home is selling for over asking price.

If you are ready to sell your North Phoenix Real Estate, Now is a great time.

Here are some things you will need to consider when selling your North Phoenix Arizona Hillcrest home.
Pricing your North Phoenix Real Estate
Pricing is everything in today’s market. Even though, in many areas inventory is low and it is a seller’s market overpriced homes typically stay on the market a longer time and end up selling for less than what the house was priced at or below its value. Why? Homes sitting on the market are perceived as having problems. Homes priced attractively are now receiving multiple offers and selling for over the asking price.

At Night Owl Realty we will help you look at the comparable properties (comps) that have sold in the area. Sold comps are the comps which should be considered. Another property on the market and sitting unsold is not a comp.

Don’t be swayed by how much you love your home and think it is the best on the block. A buyer who is looking in Stetson Hills in North Phoenix with his or her Realtor® knows what has sold in your area and the condition of the properties sold. This is what they are going to base their offer on. Unless the offer is unreasonably low be prepared to counter and negotiate a price both you and the buyer will be happy with.

Prepare your Riordan Ranch North Phoenix home for sale
Remodeling your home to encourage a higher price is not advisable. Your taste may not be a buyer’s and all you may recoup is the money you put into the remodeling. Simply presenting an uncluttered, clean home, maybe a freshly-painted inside or outside and nice landscaping to provide a good first impression is all that is needed in an older house.

Put your Dynamite Mountain Ranch North Phoenix home on the market
Be ready for open houses. You should not be home during open houses. It is also advisable to accommodate buyers as much as possible for private showings with their Realtor®. Make sure you leave the home the way you would want a buyer to see it. The more you can keep the home neutral the better. A buyer needs to be able to envision the home as theirs, not yours.

If you do everything right, the offers will come in. Make sure you are available during the course of a listing to review offers. They are usually time-sensitive.

Make sure you understand what you will net from the sale after closing costs, including the agent’s commission.

Prepare for the escrow period:

A North Phoenix home seller also has to abide by various contingency periods. Make yourself available to sign the mass of paperwork that will be sent your way. Most of it is standard, but if you need an explanation, don’t be afraid to ask your Realtor®.

During the course of the buyer’s inspection period a Request for Repairs may be submitted. This is something that will be negotiated. If a Seller refuses the repair request and the buyer does not wish to pay for repairs then the contract can be cancelled.

Once all the contingencies are addressed or removed, the property is in solid escrow and the Buyer has basically “purchased” the home.

Close the deal.

The Seller needs to be out of the home by the time stated on the day of close of escrow. Everything should be in place to hand the property over to the new owners. Here is a checklist to get you started:

Cancel electricity, gas, lawn care, cable and other routine services. If the new owner is using the same services he/she will change the name on the account on the same day in order not to lose those services. Gather owner’s manuals and warranties for all conveying appliances.

This should help you move towards a smooth and trouble-free North Phoenix Real Estate transaction.

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