What Is Probate? | When Is Probate Required In Arizona

I get asked a lot about what probate is and how to handle the probate process…So, I’m making it my personal mission to shed light on the topic of Probate to educate people and let them know by having a proper estate plan set up that it can help you avoid probate in Arizona.

Probate in Arizona simply is the process used to prove a will is valid, inventory and administer the estate and distribute any remaining associated assets after debts and taxes to the beneficiaries and heirs of the deceased.

Probate occurs in Arizona when someone dies and they die “intestate” meaning they died without having a will or they die “testate” meaning they died having a valid a will.

What a will does for you is let you describe where you want all your assets and stuff to go when you pass away as well as who gets to be in charge of your estate and distribute your assets according to your will to your beneficiaries or heirs.

A huge misconception people have is that If someone dies with a will, their estate doesn’t have to go through probate. This simply isn’t true, If you die in Arizona with or without a will your estate will still have to go through the Probate process in Arizona.

If the deceased didn’t have a will then their estate will fall under Arizona’s intestate succession laws and the Probate court in Arizona will appoint a personal representative to handle the estate based on Arizona law.

One way to help yourself and your family avoid Probate in Arizona is to have a trust and ensure all assets are included within the revocable living trust.

Arizona probate court says who’s in charge of an estate.. If you pass away who’s in charge of making sure your assets go to the heirs who are legally entitled to them.

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